Red Fish Brand Marsh & Field Clothing Outfitters


    Fishing for shell and fin fish in the warm sea island coastal waters by local watermen has been done here since native Americans occupied the coastal marshes, flats and waterways of the sea islands. Shrimpers, oystermen,crabbers and fishermen all work the local waters year round. Captains to "strickers" harvest an abundance of Carolina seafood for commercial and private use. Watermen of all types are heavily influenced by traditions that have been handed down to them in their multiple generation family run businesses. Most watermen could not imagine themselves in any other form of employment. They value their independence and every hour they get to spend on the Sea Island waterways. Measurements- L-3 1/4" H-1 7/8"

    The buckle will fit a 1 3/8" to 1 1/2" strap. 

    Available in a "solid aged brass" or "vintage silver bronze" finish