Red Fish Brand Marsh & Field Clothing Outfitters

    In the early 1930's through the mid-1950's  Southern outdoorsmen, watermen and guides hunted, fished and lived in the finest "outfitter grade" clothing ever made.These American-made garments were designed out of necessity and experience, not fashion or trends. They were "no frills", heavyweight and literally lasted for generations. Small American manufactures like Drybak, Saf-T-Back,  DuxBak and American Field built garments that included hunting and field coats,"briar britches", Watermen and extreme outdoormen work coats, pants and "overalls".                

     In the 1950's, due to cost of materials and manufacturing, these garments disappeared from the shelves of outdoor outfitters, hardware stores, and sporting goods retailers only to be replaced by man-made materials and production run imported clothing.                    The standard fabric for these garments was a double thickness, 100% cotton canvas, "Southern Grown" cotton duck cloth.  This heavy-weight, tight woven fabric, primarily made for other uses(tents, sails,all weather tarps, etc.) derived its' name from a duck stenciled on the original fabric imported from England and Scotland prior to floor and grist mills being converted to cotton duck mills to support the U.S. east Coast ship and boat building industry. Secondary materials like harness grade leathers and suede and solid brass were utilized to complete these "nothing to break--nothing to wear out" garments.      

     In the late 1960's I acquired one of these original canvas duck coats actually made in the 1930's, by DuxBak.  It quickly became my favorite garment. Many referred to it as "my uniform"-- if I went, it went!  In 2007 while attempting to replace my coat, I learned of their disappearance, their history and -- in the process-- the memories and stores from many about their grandfather's and great grandfather's canvass "bird hunting" coats. Having enjoyed my coat for so many years and not wanting to see this small part of the "Southern outdoors" lost I am now proud to build and offer as "Red Fish Brand  Marsh & Field Clothing Outfitters", these same high durability and quality garments.