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"In House" Custom Strap


In House Custom Straps    I custom make each "In House" strap here in my shop on Hilton Head island, S.C..   The strap pictured above is made for my large Bulls Bay Red Fish "galvanized finish" buckle.  The strap is cut from 14 oz weight "bottom shelf", top grain, premium leather (leather hides at tanneries are shelved by weight,  thickest, heaviest best quality on bottom shelf for ease of lifting).  It is then soaked in a salt water solution for 24 hours, removed and sun dried.  During the drying process I hand shape the edges and reverse roll the face grain for a vintage appearance and feel.  Last I hand finish with stains ,glazes, and preserving oils. It takes about 1 week to complete a strap.  Each "In House" strap is made to order and is an approx. 2 week shipping time.

Available in 1 1/4" - Sizes 30,32,34,36,38,40,42 & 44 inch length