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    Fish Haul Creek Ebb Tide Buckle available in Aged Solid Brass and Vintage Silver Bronze: fits a 1 3/8 wide strap. Fish Haul Creek is a tidal creek that "Ebbs" into Port Royal Sound on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It is located on the north end of the island, approximately at the point Port Royal Sound meets The Atlantic Ocean  32.23687 latitude -80.678993 longitude. It begins flowing directly thru the beach just north of "the heel" of Hilton Head Islands silhouette shape and winds back thru the marsh ending in a saltwater lagoon in Port Royal Plantation.   Fish Haul Creek and the surrounding land, Drayton Hall Plantation, date back to an original Royal grant dated May 1762 that included approximately 1100 acres. Fish Haul Creek, because of South Carolina Low Country s significant "Tide Drop", like many barrier island creeks, empties back into Port Royal Sound and The Atlantic Ocean amazingly fast resulting in a very swift current shifting its path with each tide change.  The Fish Haul Creek Buckles original wax carving was carved from an image of the current as it "cuts" away at the creeks sand banks on an Ebb Tide. Growing up in the South Carolina Sea Islands I spent many "falling tides" in a small bateau finding, watching and listening to hundreds of Saltwater Creeks just like Fish Haul.  Fits 1 3/8 wide straps