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In the early 1930's through the mid 1950's, Southern outdoorsmen, watermen and guides hunted, fished and lived in the finest "outfitter grade" clothing ever made...

I design & build Red Fish Brand ® clothing as "Working Tools" for the Lowcountry Outdoorsman. I source only the best & finest materials and fabrics made. When I cannot find those materials that meet the Red Fish Brand ® standards, I have them woven, dyed and finished myself. Red Fish Brand designs are based 100% on what will work and function the best in a marsh, water, or field setting; not on seasonal fashions, colors or trends. As we build each Red Fish Brand ® garment, whether it's cut & sew, leather tooling, etc. our goal is always to create the best product made in the USA with the highest quality and attention to detail.

— Curtis Hart